New Year New You - A New AFRORETRO?

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Wowsers 2013 was a sure-fire rollercoaster of a year for us at AFRORETRO.  Ups, downs, upside downs, exhilaration to near vomit-induced fear.  Hence I sought to see in the New Year calmly in the rolling fields of Suffolk.  Long walks, good friends, country pubs and oh yeah my lap top with a 6th of January proposal deadline…a project to refine, write and describe, a budget to formulate, complete with marketing and funding strategy…well this is me we’re talking about.  We’ve applied to Yinka Shonibare ‘s Guest Projects Africa…but more about that later.

AFRORETRO - Beyond The Clock

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Limehouse Old Town Hall is a lovely old building that’s doing the shabby chic thing.  It’s a little bit crusty and I personally feel some Milton cleaning wipes could go a long way here. But wait for it… when you get in there you’re hit by these huge vaulted ceilings and as your eye travels across the room you notice all these beautiful details like the carved balustrades, the intricate cornices and all of a sudden you’re like, “If AFRORETRO won the lottery we would totally buy this place!”. Despite scuffed skirting boards and mismatched tables you can see the glory - a little faded, perhaps - but actually it’s a great venue for a craft fair.

Why AfroRetro?

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Why do we do anything? Why did I stress about my hair not growing? Then why did I cut it all off and then not give a damn? Why do I consider myself a feminist but still love it when my boyfriend takes me out and buys me dinner? My life, like the world is full of whys; a seeming medley of madness.  So starting a fashion and craft business with my big sister seems as logical or illogical as most things we are faced with.