AfroRetro™ as a concept was first conceived when Anna was walking home and overheard two young black boys playfully cussing each other. One boy said to the other “OI YOU AFRICAN!” things got nasty and heated. The other boy reacted as if the worse insult had been slung at his mother! This made Anna feel uneasy...So she went to her big little sis -Lilly and discussed, argued and pontificated about it. Until they decided that they wanted to do something CREATIVE in response to this...

Lilly coming from a background in fashion and fine art and Anna fashionista and keen designer, it felt natural to embark on a cross disciplinary adventure. AfroRetro™ was born to share all that we know and love about being Uganglish through fashion and creativity.  

Ugandan born London resident Lilly, is half of the sister duo behind AFRORETRO™. Lilly moved to London when she was only three years old but she has a very strong sense of her Ugandan homeland. After studying Fashion Design at University, she freelanced within the fashion industry, then moved into events and developing audience experiences at the London Science Museum. She is eager to unite her love of fashion and great design with her uniquely urban take on Ugandan culture.


Anna has never understood the phrase "Jack of all trades master of none". Her response tends to be "Why not?!". She has always been a creative individual, working as an actor, producer and writer, so jewellery designer and fashion creator seemed like the next logical step! It also helps to have grown up with a textiles-obsessed sister.  Anna studied hard at the School of Life!