If AfroRetro made Christmas Jumpers..!

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Hey Festive Creative Beings!

It's that time of year that we all throw caution to the wind- as well as sophisticated style and we bling up like there is no tomorrow!

We have seen an influx in the humble Christmas jumper .....

If like me you are fed up of cheap high street imitations when it comes to the epic Christmas Jumper! Are you lacking in a crazy aunt, uncle or grandma to knit you one? Then help is at hand. We at AFRORETRO have put together a cheap and cheerful way to make an authentic one of a kind Christmas jumper!

1. Head to your local Chazza and pick up an oversized jumper. A plain colour works best- but it's your jumper and you can always decorate or work in the original design. Also sniff around for any xmas decorations beads, bows, ribbons, gold rubber grapes -don't ask! Buy a load and share with a friend- remember it's for charity! You can also look in the scrap bin- in your local fabric & haberdashery shop and pick up any shinny, glittery material- we bought some sliver glittery scraps that we fashioned a Christmas tree out of.

I bought this jumper and these shinny things for a total of £4 at Give A Little, 71 Streatham Hill, SW2 4TX

2. Map out your design. Make sure there is method to your madness. Think about how you will wash your jumper- I attached my rubber golden grapes with velcro, so that I can pull them off and hand wash my jumper.

3. Pin everything down. Start with the flattest objects if you are using a sewing machine. Golden grapes won't fit through the sewing machine foot! Hand sewing is also a great way to attach sequins, beads and bows. If you can't hide your stitching use a bright and bold colours and try and keep it as neat as possible.  We threaded in some African Wax Print fabric through the gaps of the knit- make sure to secure the ends on the inside with either tying a knot or securing both ends with a few stitches. And if all else fails fabric glue or the glue gun!

4. Cut all loose threads. 

5. If your jumper is like mine and very bulky and full of random stuff. Wash inside out in luke warm water. Gently squeeze excess water out and dry flat. 

 Rock it like the Festive Funkster you know you are!!