The School of Uganglish Meets its Maker(space) with Mono Print Your Life at FABLAB London

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The School of Uganglish Meets its Maker(space) with Mono Print Your Life at FABLAB London

Last Tuesday saw our very first outing as The School of Uganglish. We were hosting a free workshop fundraiser at FABLAB London for The School of Uganglish Guest Projects residency this October.

Lilly, Ande and Anna at FabLab London

Lilly, Ande and Anna at FabLab London

Fablab London is part of the world wide FABLAB movement of maker spaces and innovation. It is a place to create and test new ideas to make the world a better more sustainable place. It is deeply routed in the idea of circular industry, designing products that never have an end life and that never reach landfill. These are very much our kind of people! They are all about tech 3D printers, laser cutters, the whole shebang! You can pay monthly and join this community giving you access to all their technology and the knowledge behind it.

So through a re-tweet of a re-tweet I met Ande Gregson one of the co-founders of FabLab London and he's even more impulsive than me. Before the building was even finished we had booked in a Mono Print The Story of Your Life workshop!

After hitting social media hard and capturing the imagination of London our event was sold out with emails flooding in for extra spaces. Then we received a call from London Live asking if they could broadcast live from our debut event! We had to go for it! I was hearts was beating so hard that you could see my cheat vibrating!!! Fortunately Lilly saved the day, she stepped up as little-big sister and bigged up the project. All I could think about was "don't swear…don’t swear...please whatever you do- do not swear". Anyway the lovely professional Jake kept it all together, gave all his energy and camera op James was artful in his shots and kind in his words! You can see the whole thing here

After the TV crew left (you can tell I love writing that), after the TV Crew left, we got down to the business of printing, designing and sharing the Uganglish love.

What an amazing group of people so varied and full of creativity energy.

The thing that struck me was how as adults, the space to play has been removed from our lives. Where is our afternoon of free or messy play to explore the ideas we never knew we had. The energy in the room was epic, the discovery, trials and lack of boundaries was infectious. Those who at first were cautiously awaiting instruction soon threw it to the wind and were experimenting in finding their own way to tell their own story. The result was a beautiful wall of colour, pattern, shapes and dreams, statements, pathways, reflections and more.

I cannot wait to do this again and again.

To have a chance to Mono Print your Life on fabric join us at The School of Uganglish 9th, 11th, 18th and 27th October see the Uganglish School Diary for times and details.